A brisk trip in the hills

There are three main viewing points on our panoramic trip. First, you drive the road up to the mountains to the east at Flydalsjuvet, you can sit on a throne there and enjoy the view out to the fjord and down into the dizzying depths. The trip goes on then to “Knuten”, the knot, a beautiful stone construction from 1882 where the road crosses itself.

Then you drive up over the green hills to the mountain farm of Vesterås, where you get a beautiful view of the fjord and mountain. Maybe you will have time to look around a bit at the traditional farm? Even a short stroll in the area gives you a long-lasting impression!

Start and return:

Duration of trip:
1 hour

NOK 700

The driving route for the trip

The map shows you the route. The GPS guide in the car tells you about the marked highlights of the trip – and a lot of other interesting stuff.