View of the fjords and waterfalls

Even if the highlight of the “Seven Sisters” trip is the magnificent viewing point of Ørnesvingen (Eagle’s Bend), the road there is a major experience. You first drive down to Geiranger village, past the church and the busy village centre. Then breathe out along the fjord before setting out on the thrilling Ørnevegen road through 11 hairpin bends towards your destination.

From Ørnesvingen, there is a free view of the fjord towards the old fjord farm of Knivsflå and the beautiful Seven Sisters waterfalls that hurl themselves close together 300 meters down to the fjord. It may be a good idea to sit here for a while to really soak in the view and the eternal fjord.

Start and return:

Duration of trip:
1 hour

NOK 700

The driving route for the trip

The map shows you the route. The GPS guide in the car tells you about the marked highlights of the trip – and a lot of other interesting stuff.